Thursday, October 22, 2009

"A Breath of Energy" - My W.I.T. 10/22/09

"Excellent writing requires more conscious effort than breathing but the words should flow with ease and be filled with fresh energy." S.L. Whyte

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Author, Carol Cassella, Gives Great Advice

I first met Carol Cassella a year ago at a Field's End writer's seminar on Bainbridge Island. Carol's novel Oxygen had just been released. What impresses me most about this first-time author is her genuine heart, both as a human being and as a writer. (Her novel is a clear reflection of that, too!) After her presentation I introduced myself and told her a bit about Finding Tir Na Nog. I clearly remember the advice she gave essence it was this: Try not to listen too much to all the external input from those in the industry. Just write what your heart speaks. When you do that, you'll always know you're on the right track. It reminded me of the advice I give to first-time mothers at every baby shower I know, that point when guests are asked to give their own words of wisdom as an experienced mother! Yeah, right. I simply tell the moms not to listen to everyone's advice but just listen to their own heart and then they'll always know what to do. Uhm...Carol is the mother of two sets of twins. I wonder if she gives that same advice at baby showers.

I knew Carol wasn't suggesting that I disregard necessary technical skills, or that I didn't need to be well educated on how to write a query letter, or that naivety is considered an asset from the publisher's perspective. But what she said resonated within me because it is the core message of Finding Tir Na Nog. Whenever I do a "Sneak Peak Read", I usually end the presentation by telling the audience that the novel is really about sifting through all the noise in our world so that we can be still enough to listen to our own heart, and then have the courage to follow it. Although a YA magical realism story, Finding Tir Na Nog is about personal transformation.

Since that first meeting, I've seen Carol at other conferences, rubbed shoulder's with her at Eagle Harbor Book Store, and passed her on my morning jog. Call it insecurity or whatever, but for some reason I think I need to wait until my novel is actually published before I can tell her how much her words meant to me. How ridiculous is that? Obviously, an indication of my own ego out of whack! On the other hand, my heart tells me to send her a personal note immediately. I think I will.

P.S. Be sure to listen to Carol's inspiring interview with Author Magazine. It's available at the link listed under "Favorite Writing References".

"Balance" - My W.I.T. 10/10/09

"A novel lives and breathes when it is created with a perfect balance of required nourishment: passion, art and skill." - S.L. Whyte

Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Emerging Colors of Autumn" My W.I.T. 10/01/09

"Welcoming changes in the editing process allows brilliant colors to emerge in the autumn of your manuscript."
S.L. Whyte