Saturday, February 27, 2016

Remembering Childhood

I have six sisters. Six! (And two brothers!) Needless to say, my mother was a remarkable woman. She allowed us to explore, create, dream, build, imagine, play, dance, and twirl on tire swings until we were dizzy with laughter. In the middle of the laughter, we developed bonds that still hold us together, get us through heartache, and connect us in ways only sisters understand.

Sisters are connected at the hip
By the ever twirling seat of imagination,
Gripping to what some call chains of naivete
But they call kindred links of love.
They spin effortlessly in
Complete and pure joy,
True and deserved freedom;
Not caring what passes them by--and trusting nothing will--as
Their giddy laughter
Harmonizes perfectly
With the wind blowing
In and through and all around them,
Creating a magical space only sisters

Sisters are connected at the heart
By the ever whirling chair of resilience,
Holding to what some call chains of reality
But they call gentle bonds of true friendship.
The ride courageously in
Solid and sure peace,
Strong and determined focus;
Not acquiescing to disappointments--and knowing such will pass--as
Their childhood laughter
Harmonizes precisely
With the changing winds
Often gathering all around them,
Blowing a sacred space only sisters

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